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Traditional methods of forecasting are outdated, overly time consuming, cumbersome and lack the agility required to quickly respond to changes, challenges and emerging risks.

This lack of accuracy leads to errors that show in your bottom line.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) software is specifically designed to improve accuracy and efficiency, linking action to numbers while removing your reliance on guesswork and estimates.

As with any business, forecasting errors can be compounded into excessive wastes of time, resources, raw materials and money. This is regularly seen as lines are launched in the fashion industry where the ever-changing supply, marketing and competitive landscape dictates the success or otherwise of your budget year.

MRP takes the guesswork out of forecasting stock and requirements so you can operate in a leaner, more agile manner. It works by bringing together accurate and real-time information in a single, cohesive view in your software platform. It actively mitigates against human error caused by manually updating series of spreadsheets and acting based on data which is no longer relevant to the shop or factory floor.

Parameters of planning can be set by managers, based on business objectives, minimum orders, minimum stock levels per location, product launches and so forth, with feedback loops to improve decision-making based on the actual supply and manufacturing resources available. This flexible approach calculates material requirements of items such as fabrics, trims, packaging and labels based on real-time supply, sales order priorities and total demand.

Katana Material Requirements Planning Software (MRP)

Katana is a modern comprehensive cloud MRP solution designed to meet the planning and operational needs of fashion businesses. Katana finds the balance between requirements and demand to ensure that any workshops, factories and stores are efficiently at capacity to preserve profits while fuelling productivity. Katana MRP takes away the guesswork of forecasting and the errors which are inevitably arise when working with out-dated, siloed information sources.

Katana takes forecasting and makes it an exact science of calculation.

80% Increased Inventory Control – Case Study: Buttercream Clothing

Canadian fashion brand Buttercream Clothing was born from a vision of its founder to create well-made, local and ethical garments.

During its growth phase, it quickly realised that scattered spreadsheets were hampering business development. Materials planning did not adapt quickly enough to demand and orders could not be fulfilled in a timely enough manner to optimise performance and realise business potential.

Buttercream Clothing turned to Katana MRP to automate the allocation of available material to the most recent orders. This gave the company an adaptive distribution system to control their production management. Katana optimised inventory control by almost 80% and increased the efficiency of their day-to-day operations by 20%.

The movement to this automated, intelligent system enabled Buttercream Clothing to grow their operations and expand into new areas. Katana empowered decision makers to collate information and adapt efficiently to supply bottlenecks and manufacturing challenges.

50% Product Expansion – Case Study: Peace Collective

Toronto-based apparel brand Peace Collective is known for sustainable fashion across North America. In the global market, Peace Collective made it their mission to reduce waste, steering the company towards on-demand or made-to-order workflows.

Embracing the challenges of on-demand manufacturing, Peace Collective knew that the materials planning process needed to be as accurate as possible to achieve growth goals.

Katana MRP was the natural choice for Peace Collective. When the brand moved from the disseminated manufacturing planning that was holding it back, to a systematic intelligent process, it reported a marked decrease in waste and an increase in inventory for on-demand lines.

Take Back Control

Katana gives greater visibility, control and insight into the component parts of manufacturing in real-time. It allows problems and challenges to be faced head-on by collaborative teams and removes the guesswork from fashion business processes and production.

It is absolutely time to stop forecasting and start calculating.

Ready to learn more about MRP software and how it could improve your business? Get in touch today.

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