Your production process can become highly visible using Katana

What is Katana and why is it so good for the Fashion industry?

Picture manufacturing ERP software built to give you live visibility and full control over all the moving parts of your business. With an MRP at its core it seamlessly handles multi-location inventory, sales orders and resource management. It imports your product records from your PLM or other documents and feeds directly to your finance or accounting system, making optimum use of integration technologies to avoid loss of visibility and cancelling out error prone duplicate data entry tasks.

When we put this in the context of fashion related industries you are talking about a really powerful cloud-based system which can process sales orders, calculate product and component requirements, plan production of manufactured (for instance CMT) or bought (for example FOB) products and even manage the delivery of these.

  • COMPLETE: Sales, stock, procurement and delivery with ease.
  • USER FRIENDLY: A very visual, intuitive approach to processes.
  • FLEXIBLE: Can be used and scaled by different business types.
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  • Sales Orders

  • Material Planning

  • Production Management

  • Delivery

Why should you use
Katana for Your Business?

If you are a brand or retailer who struggles to centralise the product related operational parts of your business (demand, production, inventory, MRP, delivery), or a manufacturer who makes for B2C or other brands and retailers in need of detailed control over production planning and component requirements, Katana is for you.

Not only is the ability to control all these processes an essential function of the Katana system, but the way it does this so visually is what creates an even more attractive proposition for your teams.

Want to see how Katana can work for you? Contact us to discuss your needs and we will happily show you.


If you make products, you need Katana. Control your materials, manufacturing steps and stocks.

Whether you make to order or make batches of products to be sold, Katana’s simple to use planning and transaction structure can give you so much efficiency and control.

Your orders may come from B2B clients or directly from consumers browsing your own website, either way they can be brought into Katana to see what needs to be delivered by when, which materials or labour resources are needed to complete the production and your live views can keep you in full control.

Get full control of your component inventory, demand and manufacturing and delight your clients.

Once your collections are designed, you need efficient ways to manage the purchasing or manufacturing. It does not matter whether you have high or low level of control over the production of your goods.

Made in house? Use Katana. Made by a 3rd party supplier? Use Katana too. Finally get full control over your inventory of materials you do own and the orders of finished goods you need to fulfil customer demand.

From sales order to delivery, demand to inventory, targets to actuals, Katana give you the tools that help your brand deliver efficiently and on time.

Katana improves the ability for your fashion business to deliver on its promises. Stock management, production control and delivery.

Need more than Katana? How about a Power Combo to take your business forward?

Create Collections
with WFX PLM


Your entire product development process in one specialist suite. From idea, to sampling, costing and tracking in an industry leading platform that has proven to make major brands so much more effective.

Learn More

Sell, Make & Deliver
with Katana

Sell and Make

Take orders against the collections created in WFX and see all the required dates and needs for production planning in Katana. Plan, make and deliver in an intuitive and powerful environment.

Learn More

Integrate with
Finances (including
XERO & Quickbooks)

Account for it

Combine with financial and other systems with ease using the excellent Katana API capabilities and standard integrations. Completing the circle for your business.

Learn More

Why work with the team on your Katana implementation?

Katana and have a close partnership, in which our team provides a specialist approach for the fashion and related industries. This gives you access to our very significant experience in working with companies in fashion, footwear, sportswear and accessories. We understand the specific challenges and have the solution specialists who can help you ensure that Katana helps make the improvements you need to make to your business.

With numerous PLM, ERP, MRP and process change projects under our belts we can look at your business holistically and identify what your total needs will be. So, in other words, we can put the Katana capabilities into a context that makes sense to your business. We have worked with smaller manufacturers, retailers of all sizes and global brands on their technology projects and needs.

  • Relevant experience
  • Holistic approach
  • Product understanding
  • Process improvement
  • Small and big projects
  • Change management
The team has experience in improving fashion business performance by using technology and process improvements

Want to find out more about Katana for your business?

Hopefully the information on this page has made you think about how you could improve your business using this great, accessible system. If you want to see more, you can simply contact us or browse further on the main Katana website.

Why not reach out to us at the same time so we can already be there for you when you are ready to have a conversation with one of our industry experts on how you can make Katana really work for you.


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