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Dark Light’s latest update has ushered in a new – and exciting- era for fashion businesses with the roll out of hybrid digital showrooms; an immersive digital experience that’s designed to be a showstopper and empowers sales teams to grow their order books by delivering powerful presentations connecting storytelling with sales.  

Click to watch the Hybrid Digital Showroom video.

Smart, tailored, personalised and wholly interactive, hybrid digital showrooms are the latest evolution for digital savvy fashion brands who want to take buyers on a journey right into the heart of a collection, from any showroom location.

With’s new experience, a trio of screens hosts a guided sales presentation, delivered in showroom with all of the real-time and personalisation capability afforded by cutting-edge digitalisation.

This set-up heavily favours the sales journey, all built around three screens which can seamlessly transition from a warm welcome to multi-screen, media rich storytelling and then finally, to sales.

The multi-screen configuration allows buyers to intuitively explore collections, with assortments, close ups, images, audio and video displayed in high definition. Fashion buyers can use virtual sticky notes to build their desired collection there and then on screen in the showroom, while sales teams can pull in data insights to track order status and close the deal.

What’s key about these developments?’s Ben Muis says, “The latest innovations in’s Hybrid Digital Showroom system give your fashion buyers an interactive visual experience. Buyers can start making choices and selections which are then used to drive steps and useful information throughout the digital buying process.”

The three screen, three mode approach aligns with the modern sales journey and allows sales teams to transition their buyer from look book, to exploring the collection and curating their desired items, right through to building the order in real time.

The audio-visual capabilities allow for immersive, creative presentations, while showcasing new collections in rich detail.

Selling mode invites collaboration, with buyers able to interact with the collection, pull favourite products, bookmark them with sticky notes and create their own custom assortments in collaboration with the sales team, building out the order in real time.

Sales teams can also work with real-time insights into the status of the order, accessing data such as historical order statistics and order balance data right there and then, allowing them to have conversations to grow the order in the moment, in a meaningful way.

If you’d like to speak to us about leveraging’s Hybrid Digital Showroom system for your fashion business, just get in touch today.

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