B2B technology for fashion brands and retailers
Your fashion sales team working with interactive collection tools to sell to your wholesale customers digitally.

With, fashion brands are transforming the way they sell their collections.

Clients receive a more enhanced experience and a deeper understanding of your brand when your marketing and sales teams collaborate on the same solution, presenting and selling your collections exactly the way they were intended to be sold.

Give your teams and retail clients the tools they need to delve deeper into your collections, whether it's through interactive lookbooks or simple digital ordering.

The technology platform assists your teams in more effectively displaying and selling your collections to your wholesale channels. Besides taking B2B orders and entering them into other systems, the system also allows your retail partners to access their purchasing histories and generally manage account queries that they would otherwise have to direct to your sales department. allows you to showcase your collections remotely, interactively in-person, and even have interactive walls at trade shows and in showrooms. There's a reason why over 400 brands have already incorporated this highly visual solution into their sales and marketing teams.

  • SALES APP: Digital Catalogues and Smoother Order Taking.
  • BRAND PORTAL: Inspire and Amaze your B2B customers.
  • DIGITAL SHOWROOM: Multi-Screen experiences guide clients to their perfect order.


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Meet the new way of selling. The suite of integrated solutions.

Sales App

Enable Growth

Your sales reps now have access to digital catalogues and lookbooks. Order creation is faster, more fluid, and linked to other systems, resulting in a more integrated sales approach.

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Brand Portal

Range: Interactive

Present and sell fashion collections as only your brand would. The Brand Portal is simple to use, customizable, and user-friendly. Tailored to your business logic, it also makes self-service easier.

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Digital Showroom

Guide Selection

Give your B2B clients a one-of-a-kind experience that combines the best of both worlds. The multi-screen digital sales solution that is optimised to remain personal.

More about Digital Showroom

What is it about that has
gained such traction with fashion brands and retailers?

In many aspects of their business, the fashion industry has grown accustomed to using digital, highly visual tools.

So, it's only natural to expect digital lookbooks, interactive showrooms, easier wholesale transactions, the use of iPads to assist with order taking, and portals that connect retail clients to your brand as requirements.

Brands are using to tell their stories and provide inspiration, and then combining that with collection selections to create new orders.

This enables sales teams to present product lines in the way they were intended, resulting in a greater impact on the client in the process.

It is also a better experience for the retailers who are on the receiving end of the platform. It is extremely beneficial to have online purchasing tools as well as direct visibility of future and historical orders in addition to improved understanding.

Allowing for better product presentation to result in increased sales, automatic order integration with other systems, and simple order management all result in significant operational benefits as well.

When you combine that with the ability to make an impact in showrooms, through tradeshows, and interactive lookbooks, it's easy to see why hundreds of brands have already chosen as their B2B sales and marketing platform of choice.


Your fashion sales team working with interactive collection tools to sell to your wholesale customers digitally.

The Hybrid Digital Showroom: engage your wholesale buyers and build a lasting impression while revolutionising your sales process.

Discover an immersive digital experience that is intended to be a showstopper and that empowers sales and marketing teams to grow your brand's order books by delivering powerful presentations that connect storytelling with sales.

Hybrid digital showrooms are the latest evolution for digitally savvy fashion brands who want to take buyers on a journey right into the heart of a brand or collection, from any showroom or tradeshow location.

A trio of screens hosts a guided sales presentation, delivered in showroom with all of the real-time and personalisation capability afforded by cutting-edge digitalisation in's new experience.

You are in great company

Here is just a small selection of the wonderful fashion, sportswear and accessories businesses who already use one or more of the technology modules. To see why, just ask us for an overview of the system. Click to start.

These great brands use a variety of apps and systems from As a result their sales teams, head office teams and client retailers are all able to not only see all products in their right brand context, but also have the same information across all processes.

Enhance your B2B solution further by connecting your sales teams, retailers and showrooms to your other systems through integration.
Colect B2B sales systems were made for easy integration with all your essential other business systems, such as PLM, ERP, PIM and CRM systems.

Integrated & Connected

Integration is important. Automate interactions with your ERP, CRM, and PLM systems and improve the overall user experience for your team and your B2B clients.

Click the icons above to explore the many systems for which we already have connectivity. If your system is not on the list, just ask, and one of the experts will gladly discuss your requirements with you.

Brands in the United Kingdom can significantly enhance their B2B and Wholesale digital capabilities. Contact the team to discuss how technology, including the suite of tools, can dramatically improve how your team interacts with their customers.

Interested in how can revolutionise the way you present, sell and manage wholesale? Let's arrange an overview.

Let's discuss how digital sales and marketing systems can help to evolve the way you work with your clients.

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We are familiar with the specific challenges faced by the industry and have the solution specialists on hand to ensure that has the impact you require for your teams to be successful.

Given our extensive experience in similar projects as well as business process change projects, we can assess your company as a whole and determine what your total requirements will be.

In other words, we can place the capabilities in a context that makes sense for your company, regardless of which PLM, ERP, MRP, or other systems you are currently using. We have worked with a variety of brands, manufacturers, and retailers of all sizes. Let's talk about how can benefit you.

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