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In an already fast-paced business environment, the fashion industry is becoming increasingly challenging to stay competitive in. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, your fashion business must regularly streamline operations and adopt modern technologies to remain efficient and cost-effective, as well as compliant with the (now also constantly evolving) new regulations.

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Tech pack creation is one area where technology can significantly increase efficiency and subsequent collaboration across all business units. Many fashion companies still use a large number of Excel sheets to create all their tech packs, whether they are at the front end or supply end of garment manufacturing.

If you work in the industry, you’ve probably seen bulging folder structures on shared drives full of spreadsheet-based workbooks. Even though these drives appear to be shared, they are actually extremely isolated in comparison to modern methods. The logical next step to start reaping the many benefits of online tech pack creation is to use a modern Cloud based PLM software. Once you’ve experienced the difference, you and your suppliers won’t want to go back.

Reason 1: Increased Accuracy and Efficiency.

Creating tech packs manually is a time-consuming and more error-prone process. When overviews are required, the tech packs are frequently not reliably connected to reports and other systems, resulting in unnecessary duplication of work and repeating data entry. Businesses can semi-automate the specification creation process by using online tools such as PLM software, saving time and reducing the often costly risk of errors.

Reason 2: Collaboration.

Multiple teams work separately or in turn on different aspects of the process in traditional tech pack creation, which can result in a lack of visibility, coordination, and communication. Creating tech packs online with Cloud based PLM software enables real-time collaboration in a highly visual environment, making it easier to keep everyone on the same page, on target, and on brand.

Reason 3: Accessibility.

Traditional tech pack creation is done in isolation or requires constant back and forth between teams, which can be a time-consuming and risky process. Online tech pack creation provides real-time visual access to the most recent updates and changes, making it easier for developers, designers, buyers, technicians, and suppliers to stay informed about the project’s progress.

Reason 4: Better communication.

All stakeholders and connected systems have access to the same information and updates thanks to online tech pack creation in a dedicated Cloud PLM system, which improves communication and reporting. As a result, there is better information flow into and out of product spec sheets, easier decision-making, and a more streamlined process for everyone.

Reason 5: Improved Resource Allocation.

Online tech pack creation methods can improve resource allocation. Businesses can easily track targets, costs, and resources with flexible PLM software, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced pressure, controllable sample iterations, speed, and cost savings.

Reason 6: Greater visibility.

The entire process, from design to production, is more visible and transparent thanks to online tech pack creation. This critical shift in transparency and visibility enables businesses to identify potential spec sheet issues, critical path or launch blockers, and resolve them before they become significant issues, ensuring a smooth production process.

Reason 7: Improved Data Management.

Online tech pack creation with PLM software improves data management by allowing businesses to track and analyse garment manufacturing data, such as costs, quality, and critical path timelines. This spec sheet information can be used to make better decisions and improve future processes or collections.

For growing or busy fashion businesses looking to streamline operations, gain more capacity, save money, and remain competitive, moving tech pack creation online with PLM software is a logical next step. Once you have adopted PLM in the Cloud, the benefits of online tech pack creation you can experience are numerous, including improved accuracy and efficiency, real-time collaboration, better resource allocation, and increased visibility. By using the right tools and the embedded processes, fashion and other product focused businesses can stay competitive, compliant and thriving in today’s fast-paced industry.

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