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Product Management
Replace spreadsheets, emails and paper documents on product information with centralized, shareable and trackable PDM systems and processes.
Provided by WFX Cloud.
Product Lifecycle Management
Our sophisticated PLM provides cloud-based centralized product information & guides the product lifecycle from idea to product arrival.
Provided by WFX Cloud.
Stock Linking Technology
Sell more products, colours and sizes by seamlessly linking your store with your supplier’s warehouse stock and automate replenishment on demand.
Provided by Stockbase.
The guidance you need to choose, implement and adopt crucial technology systems into your business. Our expertise and process improvement knowledge can help make your next project a success.

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In this short video you can find out exactly why fashion companies are switching from spreadsheets and shared drives to PLM for their product management. You can use the form to ask us for more information and a conveniently timed system demonstration.

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    Helping progressive businesses in the fashion, sports and associated industries

    Choosing new technology for your business can be hard, and we understand that. In today’s increasingly efficient and fast-paced business world, you need to gain or maintain an edge. If the regular tasks you need to do to progress your business are taking too long, then every step is effectively eroding your capacity to perform as well as your profits.

    Taking advantage of the technology that is available to our industry is, in real terms, key to future success. Streamlining the day-to-day work of your teams to create a happier, more effective, more flexible, more mobile, more diverse and of course a more efficient workplace.

    When you work with, you can expect to start using technology and processes which reduce repetitive task and wasted time across your teams. Automation and process improvements help our clients in fashion, sportswear, luxury, sporting goods, footwear, jewellery and homeware markets to be faster, more competitive and more profitable!

    • The WFX system has enabled us to much better control how we launch new products and seasons.

      Kaye Conder - Product Development Manager,
    • Using WFX in combination with new processes has increased our productivity tenfold.

      Erich Stachnik - Systems Administrator, Simply Noelle
    • Working with Stockbase has resulted to a higher conversion on the connected brands.

      Rens Drost - e-Commerce Manager, Only for Men
    • The revenue of the brands which we now connect to via Stockbase has substantially increased.

      Wilmar Schmit - Director, Shuz

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    In our increasingly complicated business world, great tools can help you to improve your profitability, revenue, efficiency and growth prospects. It can also help you to increase the flexibility of your workforce and even to reduce your impact on our environment and improve sustainability efforts. Even though the reasons you decide to take steps now may be unique to your business, the advantages will be clear.