High-Impact IT Solutions Developed to Streamline the "Behind the Scenes", Built For Fashion Brands Just Like Yours

Fed up with spreadsheets and inefficient systems? Looking for a way to centralise product information, or speed up processes? Perhaps you’ve struggled to find an IT solution that speaks directly to the complex demands of the fashion industry. Not anymore. provides the latest, greatest technology in fashion retail and manufacturing, with a revolutionary solution for every outdated manual process. Our innovative platforms can help you:

Perfect Product Creation Processes

One great Cloud based platform for your entire fashion product lifecycle,
from inception to completion.

- Check out PLM in the Cloud by WFX -

Manage Manufacturing Better

A seamless view of the order, supply chain, material and activity flow from
start to finish, whether you manufacture in-house or not.

- More about managing your manufacturing cycle in the Cloud with Katana -

Reimagine Digital Fashion Wholesale

Create a visual and integrated environment for your buyers and sales teams
to collaborate in. Improve convenience, confidence and supercharged
commercial success with a visual purchasing portal.

- Explore the way Colect can revolutionise the way your do fashion wholesale -

Increase Integration

Connect new digital tools, processes and workflows with your current
systems and software, from accounting to eCommerce.

- Eliminate inefficiencies by bridging the divide between your current software
and new digital tools with our approach -

Oversee Operations

Give your team the ability to always see, analyse and understand your
crucial business flow better. Best of breed digital tools, connected for
full flow visibility.

- Partner with us for top-notch digital tools and expert advice on full business flow visibility -

Streamline Systems

Scalable, future-proof solutions and guidance to help the fashion industry
replace complex spreadsheets, manual reports and lengthy email chains.

- Find out how our consultancy services can drive business efficiency through streamlining -

Are you looking to replace manual or spreadsheet based processes with very capable and intuitive systems?

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Some of the great Solutions We Partner With

We recognise the value of bringing expertise and experience to your teams and projects. This is why we have developed alliances with some of the industry's most interesting solution providers. These collaborations ensure that your projects receive the best possible service and support, with our experts partnering with technology experts to produce exceptional results. You can be confident that the solutions we propose have been tried, tested, and are proven to be outstanding.

The WFX Cloud-Based PLM Solution That Was Made For the Fashion Industry
The WFX Cloud PLM platform for fashion sportswear and lifestyle product businesses

WFX Cloud PLM is ideal if you are struggling to keep your development and sourcing cycles in check as your business grows or if you need a more intelligent way to manage product processes, all the way from design conception to production.

From creative collaborative design (think Pinterest for product ideas) to comprehensive collection planning, centralised product information, and order tracking, this technology makes life easy for your team. A fully integrated, end-to-end solution for fashion product development and sourcing. You will wonder how you ever managed without.

Director of Solutions & Business Transformations
The Dynamic Katana Demand, Manufacturing and Inventory Management Solution

Katana MRP allows you to streamline your inventory, components and operations across your supply chain and better manage in-house or outsourced manufacturing or customisation processes.

Supporting both made-to-order and made-to-stock workflows, this user-friendly platform is perfect for gaining better visibility over the production process of your products, from the purchasing of raw materials to live inventory management and accurate costing. Easy to use and ideal for expanding production with efficiency.

Strategic Analyst, Fashion and Sports Business Technology
fashion businesses can control their order manufacturing stock and delivery processes with katana
Our Colect B2B Digital Wholesale Solution
introduce b2b ordering and virtual data management in your showrooms with fashion Colect

Best suited for you if you’re a fashion brand or wholesaler looking for a more seamless and sophisticated approach to B2B sales.

Solutions using Colect include an intuitive sales app, a show-stopping digital fashion catalogue you can use virtually or in person, and the opportunity to offer self-service sales to your clients through the use of an innovative brand portal. A fantastic, future-forward way to inspire your clients and drive more sales while automating inefficient processes.

Solutions Analyst

Why Choose to Go Digital With

Have you ever felt a little bit overwhelmed, or confused about all the different platforms available? Perhaps you have already tried searching for a new digital PLM system or sales app but struggled to get beyond the techy jargon thrown at you.

Of course, implementing said systems can be an even more complex and long-winded process, enough to put you off altogether.

At, we make it simple for you to update your systems with straightforward advice and support from fashion technology specialists. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, supporting you through the migration every step of the way. This leaves you free to step back and focus on the things you do best, whether that is shoes, sportswear or stylish apparel.


You are in great company

Here is just a small selection of the wonderful businesses who use our services, our systems, or both. We are so thankful to all our amazing clients, who have put their trust in us. It is wonderful to have formed such great relationships and to work with such an impressive and diverse group of partners. Their systems have enabled us to make a real difference to their business and beyond and we are really grateful for their ongoing support.

Ready for a Brand New Way of Working?

It won't be long before you're influencing others to do the same. Super efficient and easy-to-use, our fashion business IT systems are worth talking about.

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The team is knowledgeable in boosting fashion industry outcomes through technological advancements and process optimizations.

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