WFX Case Studies – Cloud PLM accelerates the fashion industry

WFX Cloud PLM and its Clients.

The WFX Cloud PLM system was specifically designed for the fashion industry. Of course, it is also suitable for related industries. The client base includes companies in footwear, home products, accessories, jewellery and more artwork related businesses in the licensed product industry as well.

We have assembled some great video’s and case studies that illustrate the experiences of our clients across the world for you.

With more than 35000 users across 40 countries the WFX Cloud PLM system is helping our clients to be more efficient, focused and results driven every working day.

If you would also like to see how the original Cloud based fashion PLM system can help your business to move forward, we encourage you to contact us today. We look forward to discussing the opportunities with you.

Case Study Examples – WFX Cloud PLM for Fashion and Associated Businesses.

Respect Your Universe loses respect for spreadsheets

RYU had plans to scale their business but the company managed everything from product development to production mainly on spreadsheets. The business recognised this as a bottleneck for growth and wanted to completely replace the use of emails and spreadsheets with an integrated cloud solution. WFX Cloud PLM became the pillar to that solution, enabling control and visibility across the process.

How Simply Noelle used WFX Cloud PLM to increase capacity

Simply Noelle experienced growth and needed to find more capacity in their product departments. They had a huge reliance on spreadsheets and recognised the need to have a Product Lifecycle Management system running the process in front of their ERP. This was an example of how the PLM team worked together with NetSuite to make an A to Z success of the implementation the customer required.

How WFX PLM supports growth at OAK + FORT

OAK + FORT, a fashion brand that has expanded into home products now, has been growing at an exponential rate. They have experienced the new efficiencies, controls and reliability of the WFX systems since their implementation. This video explains their experience and highlights how Cloud PLM has changed the way they work for the better.

OKA and their journey into WFX Cloud PLM

OKA is a premium international interior brand from the UK, which has been expanding at a rapid pace with its offer of home furnishings, furniture and decorative accessories. In this video the team reflects on their experiences during the WFX PLM implementation, as well as the improvements to their processes and ability on completion.

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