For Retailers
As a retailer of products, having the right quantity of items in the colours and sizes that the public demands, is one of the key ingredients of success. The same applies to all channels. It does not matter if you focus on online, physical retail, marketplaces or a mix of all. By supplementing your available stock with products in colour and sizes that you did not procure or that may be sold out, Stockbase maximises the sales opportunity. It helps to convert customers who otherwise may become part of a lost sales statistic and will drift elsewhere.
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For Brands
Brands which have stockists, concessions and other outlets tend to have a level of backup stock. Retailers will have purchased their requirements and if the retailer recognises that a size or colours sells well they may well order from that stock to replenish. However, retailers would not usually recognise that there is demand for a size or colour that is no longer in stock. Brands can use Stockbase to create a situation where retailers can sell available stock as if they had purchased it. Seamlessly and effectively increasing sales opportunities for all involved.
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For Wholesalers & Dropshippers
Your stock needs as many sales opportunities as you can provide it to maximise the profitability of your product ranges. What if there was a way to link your stock simply to the e-commerce and in-store terminals that your stockists use? This is what Stockbase provides. A relatively simple plug-in that effectively bridges your stock systems with those of your key clients. The result? Everyone sells more! That is the evidence and this is why Stockbase not only increases profitability but also has a positive effect on the relationships with your clients and their customers.
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If the size or colour is in stock somewhere, why not let the retailer sell it? Makes sense, right?

Every business, large or small, has one common goal: IMPROVE SALES AND PROFIT!

Hurdles are plentiful but not always unavoidable. Let us help you simply remove one of the hurdles: running out of stock in the location where it is needed.

We represent an amazing technology solution called Stockbase. The innovative approach adopted by more than 500 brands and retailers already, helps bridge the gap between central or brand stock and the offering on e-commerce or in-store terminals anywhere.

Whether you are a brand, supplier or retailer: the simple system plugin allows you to sell a size, colour or complete style which you currently not have. No more lost sales because you have to make a phone call to the vendor and special order a product. Stockbase will link retailers available stock with that of the supplier and when something becomes unavailable in store or on your website, our system will simply reach into the stock of the brand’s warehouse and make that product available to your consumer seamlessly, as if it was never out of stock in the first place.

The result? If a consumer wants to order a size or colour which you do not have, but the supplier does… it can go into the basket anyway!

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Why link up through Stockbase?

Stockbase is valuable to both retailers and wholesalers because this amped up connectivity and communication means that there will be less product leftover in at the end of the season, increasing the profit percentage for supplier and retailer.

It’s a win-win for retailers and suppliers – everyone is selling more whilst discounting and wasting less!

  • Working with Stockbase has resulted to a higher conversion on the connected brands.

    Rens Drost - e-Commerce Manager, Only for Men
  • The revenue of the brands which we now connect to via Stockbase has substantially increased.

    Wilmar Schmit - Director, Shuz