WFX, the Cloud based PLM that brings product management full circle.

The full Product Lifecycle Management suite will be a life-changing choice for you and your company. Gone will be the days of wasting time tracking down the information you need and welcome to the days of a cloud-based centralized system. You’ll be able to house your product lifecycle from first idea and sourcing to full production and on.

With this system your team will be able to collaborate and communicate through the suite allowing you to say goodbye to multiple versions of spreadsheets and email threads. With PLM everything is streamlined into one central database including production, connecting with other offices and departments, merchandising, product creation, and sourcing. When vendors and your team are working within the same platform, it will allow your business the opportunity to grown and scale efficiently and effectively.

As the WFX PLM system is in the Cloud you can access it from anywhere, anytime you need to. When you press save, you are safe in the knowledge that your precious data is kept securely and will be backed up automatically. Never worry about installing software, upgrades or arranging storage again!

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Product Lifecycle Management
Let’s consider that in reality your most valuable asset is your range of products. They have to be developed, sourced and produced in a way that meets your brands’ or clients needs and values and should stand up to scrutiny whilst being affordable and on time. Those of us in industries like fashion, sportswear, footwear and accessories where there is a high turnover of product in an ever shorter and more turbulent space of time know how hard this can be to manage and keep sight of. This is why you use PLM. It brings it all together in a way where you can create, develop, share, produce and control your product. It makes so much sense and makes the past look like the stone ages.
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The liberating feeling of replacing spreadsheets with process driven systems.
Making the business case for PLM is not actually that difficult. At the end of the day, most businesses in fashion, sportswear, footwear, homeware and accessories are still using nothing more sophisticated than spreadsheets, email and shared drives to manage what is arguably the most important process to business survival.

We are looking at a situation where a long string of independently linked processes, a plethora of product tracking or specification related spreadsheets, emails covering 6 to 12 months of development and production per product, data that is kept in ways that cannot be shared with other business systems, the resulting repetition of entering the same details across different sheets, messages and systems, the errors associated with all of these, the lack of visibility until something arrives late, the difficulty in seeing what your margins are going to be, not being able to negotiate on time, not knowing a component was rejected, using outdated grading or sizing….. and the list goes on with all the examples you can bring from your own business.

So, how much is 70 to 80% reduction in data entry, complete visibility of actual processes, instant reporting of any status, integrated teams, supplier interaction, knowledge of outstanding tasks, automatically filed messaging, cost and margin visibility or accuracy worth to your business? In most cases allot more than the cost of a system. That is if we don’t include the smiles when better thought through product is delivered to market quicker.

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With PLM you get so much more interaction than PDM

A truly integrated experience from the first inspiration to the delivery of your products and the evaluation of the whole process. The practical benefits of using the WFX Cloud PLM system on a day to day basis are supplemented by a view of the process that can really help you gain insight and make decisions on further or future products, suppliers, process improvements an more. Your PLM will not only help you to improve what you achieve from day one, but will also guide you to the evolution that your business requires as you move forward. Just some of the tools and benefits:

Progress your system to keep up with your business


Built in flexibility means our PLM will support you as you grow and evolve.

In our opinion it is really important that you see your system as a flexible, almost organic entity. It cannot be a static thing that you install one day and hope it is going to be right for the next 5 or 10 years of your business. It needs to evolve, expand or even contract if needed.

With the WFX Cloud PLM system you have that. Upgrades to the system are made multiple times per year, ensuring that you always have a ‘new’ system, even after using it for years. Expanding it is easy as well. There is so much functionality that it is unlikely you will be using all of it on day one. You can switch further functions on as you need to or expand the system with new module or plugins such as the Adobe Illustrator plugin, the Quality Audit Management suite or the Digital Asset Management Module.

WFX is a leader in the Cloud PLM space for fashion and similar businesses. It is naturally built to integrate with other systems and is the global fashion PLM partner for Netsuite, meaning there are seamless integrations and existing working relationships in place across the solution architecture and implementation teams.

Throughout your journey to becoming a more efficient business the and WFX support teams will be there to guide you. Whenever your business needs to evolve or change you can rely on us to advise on adaptation of the set of tools and processes for your next stage, without the need for you to get a new system.

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This simple comparison shows the difference between the core of our two systems.

In addition these can be extended with further apps and functions, as well as easy plug and play integration options.

  • Product Libraries
  • Fabric & Components Library
  • Measurement Charts
  • Grading
  • Bills of Materials
  • Costs & Margins
  • Team Collaboration
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Critical Path Management
  • Task Management
  • Access Anywhere
  • 24/7 Support
  • Product Approvals
  • Colour Approvals
  • Size Set Approvals
  • Fabric Approvals
  • Component Approvals
  • Collection Planning
  • Plan v Actuals
  • Sample Orders
  • Factory Compliance Audits
  • Supplier Management
  • Packing Lists
  • Goods Receipt
  • Purchase Orders
  • Tasks for Suppliers
  • Requests for Quotations
  • Messaging
  • History Logs
  • Automatic Backups
  • Barcode Management
  • Banking Level Security
  • Mobile Accessible


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* Our PDM systems have a standard minimum of 4 users. PLM systems have a standard minimum of 5 users. Our standard subscriptions include all hosting, upgrades and 24/7 support. In addition to the subscriptions our quotes will specify the cost for activation or implementation / configuration / training costs. WFX also have great expansion modules that you may choose to add on. Custom quotes and alternate pricing are available for corporate and enterprise clients who require 15 or more users.

Why in the Cloud?

True Cloud applications can make the difference between ‘Where do we start?’ and ‘Let’s get started!’. The pre-built processes, adaptability and shorter implementation and training times give numerous benefits in comparison to traditional IT infrastructures.

It is the difference between buying a plane to get from A to B and booking your chosen seats, custom meal and lounge access on a reliable airline. You still get from A to B, but without having to do everything that is involved in running an airline. You get your mission accomplished in comfort and style without 100% of the responsibility.

Join the great businesses who already use our solutions

In our increasingly complicated business world, great tools can help you to improve your profitability, revenue, efficiency and growth prospects. It can also help you to increase the flexibility of your workforce and even to reduce your impact on our environment and improve sustainability efforts. Even though the reasons you decide to take steps now may be unique to your business, the advantages will be clear.

  • The WFX system has enabled us to much better control how we launch new products and seasons.

    Kaye Conder - Product Development Manager,
  • Using WFX in combination with new processes has increased our productivity tenfold.

    Erich Stachnik - Systems Administrator, Simply Noelle