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Five reasons fashion companies made a move to Cloud PLM in 2020

It will not be a surprise that 2020 has been a year of change and transition. This year at, we’ve seen many businesses make the leap to product management systems.

Good Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems help businesses and their external partners develop and create new products with more control and visibility. It enables them to precisely manage the process from beginning to end, ensuring all developments are delivered on time …

The way the quintessentially British brand OKA became so much better at product management

OKA offers exquisite, unique collections of furniture and accessories that are designed to inspire practical living and effortless entertaining. The British home furniture and home accessories brand was founded more than 20 years ago by a trio of inspirational and inspired women.

Since 1999 much has changed. In that year, Viscountess Annabel Astor, Sue Jones and Lucinda Waterhouse launched OKA Direct as a mail order interiors company. This was followed by the …

PUMA reduces lost sales with the Stockbase technology solution

In a bid to increase sales conversions, PUMA have now also chosen the Stockbase technology add-on service.

The Stockbase solution plugs into existing business systems and subsequently enables a brand to provide their retail customers online commerce sites with live current stock information.

The effect goes beyond providing accurate product information. In fact, the consumer facing e-commerce site run by the retailer runs now offers stock which they do not physically own, directly from the …